We’re back!

So many of our lovely family members live so far away! And so many of our lovely family members see my crazy statuses on Facebook, but don’t get much more information than that… So I thought I would start this lovely blog to share with our close family and friends so they can watch the boys grow!! 

First I feel I should explain something here. Sometimes it may seem cynical, ungrateful, or stressed out. If you truly know me, you know two things. One, I am blunt, I do not tell fairytales, or lie to impress people. And secondly, I am sarcastic by nature, so if you think I’m being harsh or rather snarky, chances are I AM JOKING.

But I’m not going to lie, someone once told K and I that “people think we hate our lives”… No, we just so happen to have had a difficult pregnancy towards the end with baby K and he came into this world KNOWING what he wants from day one. If you have ever had a “spirited” child, you know the kind of child that just doesn’t conform to any textbook definition of temperament that experts stereotype as “standard”, then you know it is NOT easy. On top of having a colicky baby for the first six months of his life, we were blessed to get pregnant when Kamden was just three months old. On top of working full time at a company where 6 AM is deemed a “late start”. So yes, at times we may seem bratty or crabby, but I think most people in our shoes would be!

I am referring to my family by the first letter of their names, just in case there are any creepers out there, because who knows what people can see on the Internet these days. And we don’t have one of those “generic” last names like “Johnson”. 

Baby K is almost 15 months old, we can’t believe that it has gone this fast. As difficult as he was in the beginning, K and I honestly didn’t know if we would get this far… well at least with every family member alive and thriving! He is the most amazing toddler, and I know every parent thinks that, but we are constantly bombarded in public places with strangers complimenting us on his personality. He has a very BIG personality, Kamden just puts it out there. Maybe he gets a bit of that from me. But he has his dad’s energy, and my feistiness. That’s for sure! He only has 3 teeth, and despite being born a baby giant, he’s only 21 pounds, but pretty tall for his age (who would have thought that would happen). He’s quick to learn, loves to play, and Dakota is by far his best friend in the whole world! For those of you not familiar with Dakota, he’s our 85 lb chocolate lab!

And Baby G is almost 3 months. What a difference in personality. Amen to that though, because honestly, had we had two of Kamden, for sure Kyle or I would be at the very top of the Space Needle right now. He’s a breeze, for the most part, very content, laid back, and easy to please. He loves his kisses from baby K, and laughs at baby K all the time. My hope is that they become the very best of friends, and stay that way throughout their lives. 

I will be posting some pictures soon!


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