I am all about maximum efficiency in all walks of life. Often I am questioned about our double stroller(s). Yes, we have two. Why? Well, it depends on what we are doing. For anything involved in outdoorsy things I choose to use our side by side double. A lot of times I do like this stroller for quick errands. But for things like going to the zoo, longer trips, etc. I would probably choose our front to back stroller.

My brand of choice is Baby Jogger. Hands down one of the best strollers I have ever driven, and I feel like I researched and tried out a many. After all, when you have two under two (we had two under 1 even for a short while) it’s important you can still go out and about with these little guys!! I have a Subaru Legacy 2012, and I felt like the trunk was spacious, but it wasn’t an SUV or minivan. So I had to be very smart about the stroller(s) we chose. I also wanted it to easily fold. While many strollers promise this, I know for a fact that this is not the case.

I researched the specs of my trunk online, because I knew someone had to have done the measurements prior to me. Sure enough someone had. After much research I realized that only two strollers would work for my car AND for what I was looking for (double). It was the Baby Jogger City Select Double and the Phil and Ted. After researching and reading many reviews I went with the City Select Double. Here is why:

  • 16 different seating configurations. I wanted to be able to put a car seat adapter with car seat in it. Sometimes I only have one kid with me and they want to face me. Sometimes they want to face out. Sometimes I have both and they want to face each other.
  • This stroller can be folded still with one seat in it. Let me tell you, this sucker is skinny. It fits easily in my trunk.
  • I don’t have to worry about if I am TOO wide to fit in a doorway. Let me tell you, there will come a time where you can’t get in or out somewhere and it will induce a small panic in you.
  • If need be, the wheels can easily come off. Weird, but if your trunk space is small… you will need this.
  • Walking our beast of a dog. I needed to be able to handle our 85 pound dog and I wasn’t sure I would be able to do this with a double wide.
  • The canopies on the seats were amazing. I can’t tell you how many times I had walked our oldest when he was small in our first stroller and he was blinded by the sun. The ONLY time the sun gets in their eyes is when we are on our hill that has like a 90% incline and the sun is in the perfect spot to get them!
  • Storage space below is nice. Enough for two baby carriers, a portable potty seat (folding), and some plastic bags
  • Hand brake is nice, although I would really like to see a foot brake on this too.

Next I would like to discuss why I bought a double wide. We went with the Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double in Black. Here is why:

  • Amazing turning radius. Handles well.
  • It has not only a foot brake, but a hand brake. No joke, our hill is so steep, this is a must with a huge dog. I love this aspect of the stroller.
  • I honestly think this stroller looks so much nicer than the Bobs. It’s more round, the color scheme makes it not look from the 1980’s.
  • The folding happens in one motion. I cannot tell you how easy this stroller is to pack and go. I am 5’3 and like 115 pounds, and I can easily pop this sucker into my car with no problems!
  • The canopies are again amazing on this stroller.
  • The rain canopy is nice. We live in Seattle, enough said.

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