Summer is Here

I honestly cannot believe the weather we have had in the past month! It has been gorgeous here, and I have zero complaints. It sure makes getting out and about easier, and we have so many more options for us to do! Today was filled with lots of fun. I cleaned the kitchen while the boys ate their breakfast and giggled together. After we finished breakfast, the boys asked to paint Daddy a picture. Grayson hates getting his hands messy, but today he dove right in and touched the paint!

Kamden Painting

Grayson Painting

As you can see, Kamden loves to paint his Daddy pictures. Because it often gets messy we have to jump right into the bath, which again, seems to be a favorite for the boys, and of course, they have lots of toys, including some pretty awesome bath crayons.

Boys Bath Time Grayson Bath

Grayson was not a fan of me taking his picture today. Well, he really is camera shy in general. After bath time we got ready for the day so we could go play at a local park near our favorite library. The boys were great, and got to go down the big kid slides. We ate our delicious snack and then walked back over to the library in time for story time. We played for over an hour, and then came home for lunch and nap!

After nap we are going to learn how to dive for our submarine toys in our pool! Let’s hope that is just as fun!!


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