Sleep Schedule

I feel like I get asked a lot of questions  about the boys sleep schedule and how I went about it, so I thought I would post what worked for our family. I am in no way saying what works for us has to work for anyone else. I just know that after a lot of reading, tears, trial and error, we have two good sleepers who up until 2 weeks ago, never protested sleep. K is currently trying to get out of his nap time, but once he falls asleep, will sleep for two hours, so I know he is not ready to give it up.

At 7 we wake up. Very rarely do I let them sleep much longer, unless of course they are sick, or stayed up way past bed time the night before. Sure a few minutes isn’t a big deal, but having a reliable schedule is important for kids and adults. Most people I know wake up around the same time every day, why should they be any different. If they wake up before, they happily lay in their bed. I do not go in there unless they are sick. I learned with both of them, that if we went in there before, they would continue to wake earlier and earlier.

We go about our day, depending on what I have planned. I always try to make sure we have a good breakfast, lots of physical play, stories, snacks, and lunch. Lunch is usually around 12. This gives them time to eat, and then time to unwind from their day. Nap time is at 1. It takes a special reason to be out and about around this time. The rule is they are to stay in their room and sleep. Typically they sleep anywhere for 1.5-2.5 hours.

After that we spend some time playing while we wait for Daddy to get home. We have a snack, and then dinner is around 5 PM. That way bath time isn’t rushed, and we still have time to spend as a family. G goes up at 7 to read two stories. K goes up at 7:15 to read two stories. And it’s lights out after that. Hubs and I rotate who puts who to bed, so that both kids are able to have their special night routine with us.

And from 7:30 to whenever it’s our time to spend it how we please. Most nights we tackle some stuff together and enjoy our time as a couple. People don’t believe us when we tell them how early our kids go to bed, but they are 2 and 3. Sleep is important. I know how bad I feel if I don’t feel well rested.


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