In the morning if the weather is still too brisk, or rainy, I like to plan a fun activity inside for the boys. A lot of times it is craft centered, but sometimes I do ones that can help with fine motor skills, or something else…K loves Halloween like I do. Probably due to my influence, so I am loving that he loves all things pumpkins and spooky ghosts. I saw a pin that  was to make an apple, so I figured I could do something simliar and make pumpkins out of them.

I always buy my craft supplies from the dollar store. It saves me a ton of money, and I don’t panick if somenthing gets broken, or winds up lost.

Here is what I did for the craft: I took two pages of orange construction paper, folded them in half (hamburger style) and cut them in strips. Then I cut the strips into squares. That way it took me half the time.  It went quick. Then I took one green paper and cut out two stems. After that I took two paper plates, one for each child, and put glue all over the plate ( I didn’t do the border, because I knew they would want to grab the plate, and I figured the glue would gross them out).

I let them get to work!

Here they are gluing their squares on:

image image

While they were gluing on their squares, I cut out eyes for them to glue on. I let them choose what type of mouth they wanted (silly or scary). Naturally, K chose scary, and G always wants to do what big brother does.

Here is the finished product. It was a lot of fun, and I got some cute pictures of them holding their finished product!



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