Command Center

It’s no secret that I am a bit of a type A personality, ask my husband, and he won’t say a bit, he will say all of me is. I thrive off of making things more efficient for myself and my family. I also like doing anything that will save money and time. And really, time is money, right?

Whenever people come over they always ask about our command center. They seem to think I am crazy, but when I start talking them through it, they all of a sudden seem to love it. Here it is in its glory:


The calendar is obviously for making sure all of our schedule activities are up there, sometimes in the hustle and bustle K and I forget to tell each other about something. I also love to include the boys in our menu planning, and it helps them get excited about upcoming events. In the magazine file we have categories for each area (recepits, bills, school papers, coupons, and papers that need to be brought down to our office to be filed for later). This really helps us keep organized in terms of money.

The calendar has two purposes for our family really. First, as I said it’s our planner. With preschool, one currently working on their MBA, and one of us about to work on finishing up their MBA, we have a lot of stuff between our school and personal lives. It’s a life saver.


Also, I plan out our menu in one or two week spurts. Originally I tried to do this for an entire month but I find that our fridge just simply cannot hold enough food for a month. Two weeks is stretching it with the amount of produce and almond milk we buy. And heck, our boys are only 2 and 3. The teenage years are making me contemplate buying a second fridge, kidding… maybe.

After I make our menu plan, I sit down and make out our grocery list for every item we need for our week, or two. I make my list by how I shop the store, that way I’m not running all over with two kids and a huge cart. After my list is complete, I make sure to check the fridge. If anything is there then I cross it off the list. Then I go to our pantry and do the same. For me this just makes the most sense. And saves me the most time.

Between the 4 of us, we try and shop for around $100 a week. It is really hard, considering we do like to indulge in some adult beverages. I am pretty happy with that number considering we eat a lot of produce and drink a ton of almond milk. We do typically save one meal a week for going out to eat with the kids.

I love finding more ways to save our family money!!!


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