Pumpkin Patch Mayhem

I love Fall. For some reason, one of my favorite holidays has always been Halloween. I am not morbid, I just like scary stuff. But being a parent and the holiday season can bring on stress that you never knew existed in your childhood days. Last year I decided to make our Halloween costumes, we were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Wow, what an undertaking for such mediocre costumes. The boys sure looked cute, but this year they insisted on being Minions. They want hubby to dress up like Gru(?). I’m pretty excited to see them in the adorable costumes.

Part of the Halloween fun is the pumpkin patch. And since we live near multiple it’s kind of fun to see what all the farms have on hand. We have been three times just this year, once was for K’s preschool. Friday we went as a family, and yesterday we had our Godson’s 7th birthday party, and it was a blast. Friday was a beautiful day, so we decided hubby would take work off early, and take the boys.

I couldn’t believe the amount of things they had for littles to do. I was really impressed. Duck races, an entire truck pit with plenty of trucks to dig in for all littles. They had tons of old props around the area that made for some great pictures. They had this blob jump thing, which I have a love/hate relationship with because most of the kids on there act like complete idiots without any regard for their surroundings. It’s easier to hold the boys’ hands to help keep them upright, and safe. They had bubbles, a tire mountain, petting zoo, et cetera. This place is by far my favorite we have been to over the last couple of years. It’s so much fun watching the pure joy the boys have over this stuff. It literally makes my heart smile.

3 Duck Racers

Here are all three of my guys participating in the duck races. The boys thought it was so cool that Daddy could do it so quickly. He’s their hero!

G and K Duck Races

G was so serious about these races! He would get down and sprint to make sure he could get the duck, and he would sprint back to Kyle to get him to do it again, and again, and again…

G driving tractor

And then they found the tractor/truck pit. Honestly, I think they would have never left if we didn’t entice them with picking out their pumpkins.

K driving truck

All he ever wants to do is play with trucks.

Pumpking Patch 2015 Kyle and Grayson

I feel so lucky, blessed, and more. Happy Pumpkin Carving to you and yours!!!


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